Princess Love to Shop

Sunday, April 20, 2014


I have been neglecting my diary for quite sometimes...
huh...not that I don't have anything to pour in...
I am dying to...
I am currently in nervous wreck mode!
Serious!!! my butterfly in stomach already started although my presentation on 23rd April 2014.
WTH!!!!! so long....
I keep practicing...again and again and again...but I am too 'chonghei' and most of the time exceeded the stipulated time which is 25 minutes.
My timing out by 2 minutes...DAMN!!!!
I need to keep it simple. short and sweet!!!

Haishhhh!!!! I pray hard that butterfly don't become the cocoon during that presentation day...if it turn into cocoon..DAMN!!! don't think I have anything to say when it is my turn for assessment.
Goshhhh!!!! hope God give me more strength that day!

My presentation title will be more towards 'soft skill' which is 'The Courage to Manage Difficult Boss'. 
This .... to be presenter...sort of not really have much Courage...isk isk isk...

Jia you! Jia you!!!
Aja aja fighting!!!!

Wait until my presentation is over...then I will update my Saigon trip...

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Again today people ask me on why I am still single?
Goshhhh... why are they so curious?
Its normal for not married these days...boooyyyahhhhh!!!!!

THAT FELLA : Why are you still single?
Me a bit taken a back but still remain calm.

ME : life getting married is part of life but not that important in today's life.

hahahahaha.....that fellasss gave me a big laugh.

THAT FELLA : Don't you ever feel like you want to settle down especially at this age?

Damn you!!!! is getting married is something to proud off to this spinster in front of you????
Yeay heart start cursing him badly and seriously if that moment is not an interview...I would have walk out and give him that 'bloody hell face'!

ME : Oh well...we all human have own preference though. Some people get married and divorce, many get married and have love many other people at the same time, many live happily ever after too. Many prefer to live alone too.  I would marry somebody if I found the right person long time ago. But I choose to work my butt off and totally forgotten about getting to know people and tie up partnership with somebody in life. By the time I realise it....I am at that due date stage then its too late. At this stage the 'so called potential' either a married man or just some moron who wish to spend my hard earned retirement savings. Why would I want to mess up my life when my current life is totally full of happiness???? Getting married just to satisfy the community and get rid to answer this type of question???
mmmmm... I don't think I want to live my life like that. My life is my responsibility not others. If anything bad happen to me ....people around would just help me with words but that won't help me much because I am the one who is going through that pain.
Hope my answer satisfy you...I am cool!!!! hehehehe

THAT FELLA ...hehehehe...speechless and ask me another question then.

Padan muka kau! Seriously , that was too personal question for a spinster like me.
What make they think a spinster like me don't live my life happily...WTH!!!!
I am so so panas hati weiiiiiiiii....

Can't you ask me more relevant question...

Its not like I am not normal just because I am still single at this age...WTH! Damn you pathetic loser!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Yeay! today is my final class.
I have done my presentation slides and now just need to REHEARSE REHEARSE AGAIN AND AGAIN for 23 April 2014 presentation.
My public speaking is so 'damn terror' so need to work harder le.
Guess what?
My super solid not so loyal netbook battery sadly announced died last night.
More money to spend for new battery. Hopefully less than RM100.

Just now met my ex boss for lunch.
He called me out to see if both of us could work together again.
Just for lunch...why not?
He is my great 'SIFU' after all!
He choose Nando's and I am not chicken so healthily...salad!
Whoa!!!! I am so bloody healthy today?
Early morning drink fruits and veggies juice and then half of sweet pears.
Lunch salad...dinner????
muaahahahahahaha... I whack 'nasi lemak'with sunny top egg.WTH!!!!
kekekekekeke...blame myself for not losing weight...I am so evil to myself today.

Talk about my ex Boss...he is still the same.
Preaching is his passion.
He was preaching the same old stories from 1pm - 4:30pm to me just now.
My bladder harden until feel like exploding.WTH!

'Dejavu' reminded my old days of 4 years ago.

I know its suffering moment but can call me psycho...I love to listen to him preaching and learn a lot from him.

He is still the same without any team.

I wish him luck le.... nothing much I can do to help him.
I wish to help but......... I want to live happily too! :)

Next week flying out to SAIGON!!!! WTH!
When my ex Boss keep asking me to invest on property and I being the 'Devil' ...keep encourage him to travel out frequently and enjoy the cash he has. Balance up your life are not going to live forever to enjoy that!
He has fear to take flight!

He should try bungee jumping to get rid of that fear!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Living away from parent and family for almost 20 years make me living my own way.
Even though I am born in Malay family my way of living is too foreign for Malay Community.
I have my own way of interpretation in life.
Nothing to proud of anyway.
I feel lucky that my parent is one sporting parent who don't too emphasis in following the culture.
They are fine as long as their daughter live happily and don't cause trouble.
I remember when many times went back to my hometown converse in Malay with Chinese Slang since most my friend was Chinese at that time.What is my Mom reaction???? hahahaha she almost slap my face. My Mom were saying , Thank God! I never send you to England.kekekekeke..
I remember cook Chinese style food when my Mom ask me to cook. muahahahaha..... she just shake her head....what happen to my daughter????
I just gave her the look that...oho Mom! this is not my fault...I just evolve according to my surrounding....hehehehe

When talking about way of eating, I am more a mixture of all cultures.

For the past few years I am an addict to Korean Cuisine and sometimes try to cook some of their dishes.Yup yup..Korean Drama and Show effect!

Last Saturday, I went to Hartamas and this place is known as Korean Town too.
There is another Korean Town which is in Ampang One.

There three korean Mart at Sri Hartamas; Seoul Mart, Kim's Mart and Lotte Mart.
Seoul Mart located near Maybank Hartamas, Lotte Mart near Pelita Nasi Kandar and  Kim's Mart just opposite Lotte Mart.

I bought a lot of Banchan from Seoul Mart and Lotte Mart. I stop myself from visiting Kim's Mart because I am afraid of my greedy side and end up overstocked my Banchan and no space to my fridge.
Kim's Mart , I will visit you soon.....

Top Left : Burdock Kimchi
Top Right : Spciy Dried Squid
Bottom Left : Spicy Dried Fish
Bottom Right : Spring Onion Kimchi

Top Left : Perilla Leaves Kimchi (my favourite)
Top right : Cabbage Kimchi
Bottom Left : Lotus Root in soy sauce
Bottom Right : Spicy Anchovies

How to eat all those?
Being a single and live alone.
Most of the time I am busy working and don't even have time to cook good healthy food.
I will end up cook instant noodles.
Not good for health right?

With all this banchan stock up in fridge weekly. 
I just need to cook brown rice.
Boiled kimchi soup or soy bean past soup, then take out all this dishes and eat it with hot rice and soup.
Before hook to korean cuisine , I totally skip veggies.
But after start favor on Korean choice of food more towards veggies and grains.

Totally my style!

Tomorrow going for my first nervous breakdown to meet new people.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I am not a good photographer to capture a good photo.
Most friend who knows me will criticize my photo skill...kaw kaw..OMO
Anyway, I have my own unique

One of my favourite place at One U is their UR level Secret Garden.
WTH! not that Korean Drama Secret Garden with Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won...but this is a GARDEN with all the plants and flowers.

Last week was there to watch The Journey.
I was wondering whether many beautiful flowers will blooming at this quickly dragged Chinggu up to see them.

Chinggu was grumbling we were late for the movie after me spending too much time of whoa..wheeee... whoa...wheee... looking at beautiful flowers.

Hahahaha... pardon me! really can't help it  for that Whoa wheee moment every time see beautiful things in front of me.

What can I say??? ....God, you are awesome to create such beautiful flowers and plant for us the earth creatures to enjoy.

Thank you God for giving me such good eye sight to see all these beautiful things!